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We stock Neck and Saddle Capes falling into two groups, GENETIC AND NON-GENETIC.


Possibly the best value and quality, with long hackles giving wider scope to tie a variety of flies in a wide range of sizes.


Usually from India or China, Chinese cock capes tend to be larger and softer than Indian, suitable for Salmon, Sea Trout and Loch patterns.

Indian capes have sharper hackles and are more suitable for Dry Flies and smaller patterns.


The range of natural colours of the Non-genetic capes we supply are listed below, but often some strange and interesting colours creep into the range.

Black (Dyed)

White (As near to white as nature allows)


Ginger (The colour of ginger or liquid honey)

Red Game (Medium brown)

Dark Red Game (Dark brown)

Furnace (Dark red game with black centre)

Badger (White/ cream with black centre) 

Cock Capes                                                £5.50 to £7.30 dependant on colour and grade

Natural Indian Hen Neck                                             £5.50



These capes come from birds bred in America to yield feathers exclusively for fly tying. We distribute the products of two of the world’s major producers, Whiting farms and Metz. Years of selective breeding by these companies has created capes of high quality and consistency for the discerning fly tyer. 

Thier most desirable characteristics include correct colours, soft fine stalk, short barb length for very small flies, high barb count and requires fewer turns of the hackle to produce superb dense hackling.

Please refer to the colour chart for the complete range of natural colours of the genetic capes that we stock.



Whiting Cock Saddle Hackles (in packets)

Long saddle hackles provide you with a “taster” of Hoffman quality. They contain at least 12 mixed hackles per packet. Capes and Saddles are available to special order. Please contact us for prices.

Whiting Dry Fly Cock Saddle Hackles      £8.20 – 12 per packet.


Whiting American Hackle –Saddles and Capes

These “larger than life” saddles and capes are superb for lures and salmon patterns, wonderful for shape and colour consistency. Each Cape or saddle is very full bodied with plenty of hackle through a wide variety of sizes. Used by many professional Salmon tyers. Available in, Black, White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue, Olive and Golden Olive.

Neck Capes £14.10

Saddle Skins £10.00


METZ GENETIC CAPES - Good quality capes at an affordable price.

Please check on availability prior to ordering.



01 Badger                               

02 Black

03 Brown                                

04 Chocolate Dun

05 Cream                                

06 Cree

07 Dun/ Blue Dun                    

08 Furnace

09 Ginger                                

10 Grizzly

11 Grizzly/ Chartreuse 

12 Grizzly/ Flu. Pink

13 Grizzly/ Olive                      

14 Grizzly/ Flu. Yellow

15 Light Blue Dun        

16 Medium Dun

17 Rusty Dun  

18 Variant


METZ NECKS – Prices by colour

Grade 1          

1 – 10 and 15 – 18                   £54.95

Grade 2          

1 – 10 and 15 – 18                   £39.00

Grade 3          

1 – 10 and 15 – 18                   £25.95

11 – 14                                    £27.50


METZ SADDLES – Prices by colour


Grade 1                                   £29.75

Grade 2                                   £22.50

Grade 1

1 – 9 and 15 – 18                     £17.50

10 – 14                                    £23.75

Grade 2

1 – 9 and 15 – 18                      £13.75

10 – 14                                              £19.25




01 Black         

02 Cream

03 Dun

04 Furnace

05 Ginger/ Brown        

06 Grizzly


Grade 1            £13.95

Grade 2            £8.99


Grade 1            £7.50

Grade 2            £4.50

Saltwater Grizzle Hackles        £22.50



Coq De Leon

Sourced from birds bred in a very specific region of Northern Spain, these feathers have been linked with fly tying since 1624. The fine distinctive markings on these feathers is almost unique, it is a mottle rather than a barring, best described by G.E.M. Skues as spangled, varying from black with variants of cream through a range of browns to a rich rust. These feathers are very shiny, far more so than conventional hackles, adding an extra natural sparkle when used as either tail wisps or as component in the wing. 

Colours: Pardo Oscuro (Black with dark tan mottle), Pardo Claro (Finely grained black and cream), Pardo Medio (Similar to Claro, but more evenly marked), Pardo Flor de Escoba (Black and light tan markings).

£6.00 per packet of 12

Coot Wings

Excellent substitute for Moorhen.

£1.85 – whole wing

£1.85 – wing quills

Crow Wings

Large black wings with a greenish tinge.

Good for beetle imitations.   £1.85

CDC from R G France – Selected

Known for their high quality, available in various colours,

please check prior to ordering     £3.25

Golden Plover

Full skin.

Rare and extremely hard to source, please contact us prior to ordering.    £30.00

Goose Biots

Used for nymphs and corixa type dressings.

Mixed assorted colours or mixed Fluorescent colours. £1.20

Goose Shoulders

Smaller and softer than turkey, but still with good length in feather.

Colour- White, Green, Red, Orange, Yellow and Blue      £1.30

Guinea Fowl (Galena)

Used in wings and hackles of salmon flies.

Available in natural (black/ white), teal blue, yellow, orange, green and red.

Hackles                                                 £1.30

Skin Patch, practically complete skin    £16.30

Grouse Body Skin with Wings and Tail     £29.99

Grouse Hackles (Pkts)

Dark Brown speckled                             £1.30

Grouse Wings

Use in plain colour for Sedge wings and Grouse series      £2.55 per pair

Grouse Dark Speckled Tail Feathers

These are very nice dark brown/ black speckled for the wings of Alders     £2.75  6 per pkt

 Jackdaw Masks

This is a great dun hackle. Soft feathers for Spiders      £2.75

 Jackdaw Wings

Similar to Crow but smaller                       £1.85 per pair

Jay Wings

Blue Jay feathers are always in short supply.

These represent excellent value for money.     £4.10

Magpie Whole Wings                £1.65

Magpie Wing Quills                   £1.55

Magpie Whole Tail                    £1.99

Mallard Dark Brown neck feathers

Very small – 2 gm pkt                    £1.25

Mallard Duck Breast feathers

Cream/ brown                                £1.25

Mallard Wings

A great variety of feathers. White tipped blue quills for Butchers.

White secondary feathers for Coachman, Moths, etc        £1.99

Mallard Grey Quills

Five selected pairs of the grey wing quills for a host of grey wing flies     £1.65

Mallard Blue Quills

Five selected quills of the white tipped blue quills (Butcher)                    £1.49

Mallard Bronze Shoulder

This feather is always in short supply. To be found only on adult Drakes. Popular in Salmon and Seatrout flies, such as Thunder and Lightning. Dunkeld and the Mallard and Claret series.


Large  £3.85 Five pairs in packet.

Med    £3.10

Small    £2.20

Mallard Grey Flank (Natural)

Mixed 2gm Packet            £1.30

Mallard Grey Flank (Natural) Selected


Large  £3.85 Five pairs in packet.

Med    £3.10

Small    £2.20


This must be the most widely used feather for winging lures and for tails, because of the way it brings movement to flies. Our packets contain at least 10 good plumes.

Colours: White, Black, Brown, Green, Olive, Red, Yellow, Blue, Grey, Hot Orange, Claret, Magenta, Coral, Amber, Chartreuse and Peach.

Fluorescent: White, Red, Yellow, Orange, Pink and Lime Green.            £1.75

Ostrich Herls

This traditional material gives a good fluffy body similar to Chenille.

It is used for butts and the thorax on flies. Colours- White, Black, Red, Orange,

Yellow, Grey, Green, Olive, Brown, Blue and pink.                                £1.45 

Ostrich Herl (Mixed)

A selection of mixed colours. Brown, Olive and Green .                            £1.55

Partridge - Chinese

(complete skin)

A slightly smaller version of the English Partridge and its availability is good news as

English Partridge are becoming rare. Also available dyed olive and yellow.        £12.65

Partridge - English

Superb full skins including wings and tail providing a wealth of feathers. These skins are becoming more difficult to obtain and represent a good investment

Complete skin                                                        £18.99

Partridge Hackles

A mixed packet of brown and grey neck hackles        £1.85

Partridge Hackles

Dyed yellow and olive                                            £1.99

Partridge Shoulder

Striped shoulder for hackles and wings                    £1.65

Partridge Wings

Speckled brown quills, may be used for March Brown and various sedges            £1.85 per pair

Partridge Complete Tail

Cinnamon and speckled feathers                            £1.85

Partridge - French

(Complete Skin)    Includes the wings                    £13.65

Partridge Barred Side Feathers

Smokey grey with bands of cream, black and chestnut across the tips.        £1.10 per packet

Partridge Barred Side Feathers

Dyed yellow or olive for many fly patterns.        £1.25 per packet

Partridge Wings

Very nice olive brown quills for sedges, olives, etc.    £1.60

Peacock Swords

Two bright green plumes, the fibres of which are used for Peacock Herl winged flies.     £1.20

Peacock Neck Feathers

Selected Blue Neck. Used in the ‘Goats Toe’. Green Neck feathers also available.        £1.65

Peacock Strung Herl

Natural & Dyed Black Green, Olive and Magenta                    £1.30

Peacock Stripped Herl

A new product to us this year, excellent quality, imported from France.

Colours – Brown, Fiery Brown, Claret, Black, Golden Olive and Natural        £1.65 

Amherst Pheasant Complete skin, without head/tail               £9.99

Amherst Pheasant Complete Head                                          £8.20                                                                

Amherst Tippets S, M &L                                                        £1.65                                                                         

Amherst Complete Tail                                                            £27.30

Pheasant – Ringneck - Cock

Complete skins including wings and tail.

Dyed in the following colours:

Black, Orange, Red, Olive, Yellow (please check availability prior to ordering)     £17.30

Pheasant Complete tails

Natural                                £3.20

Pheasant Dyed centre tails, useful for bodies, wings wing cases, hopper legs, etc.

Colours- Yellow, Olive, Orange, Claret, Fiery Brown and Black                £1.20 per pair

Pre-Knotted Centre Half Tail Feather

Each fibre, double knotted, for hopper/ daddy legs 

Colours - Natural, Claret, Black, Orange and Red                                    £4.20

Pheasant (Cock) Wings

Brown for Sedge patterns.            £1.85 pr

Pheasant – Ringneck - Hen

Speckled Flank Feather

Fawn and Brown for sedges.        £1.30

Pheasant – Hen -Wing Quills

Biscuit/black well marked feathers for Sedges and Invictas. Pkt 10        £1.45

Pheasant – Hen -Centre Tails

Fawn and Brown feathers, the original material for

Invicta wings, Sedges, Salmon and Sea Trout Flies.                £1.10 per pair

Pheasant – Hen - Tail (complete)                £2.45

Pheasant – Hen - Wings – Pair                    £1.80

Pre- Tied (Daddy and hopper legs)

These ‘legs’ are produced from pheasant tail fibres and when knotted are extremely realistic. Packets contain 50 legs.

Colours- Natural, Orange, Olive, Claret, Brown.        £1.65

Golden Pheasant

Complete Skin Head, Body and Tail                        £12.75

Golden Pheasant Body

There is a multitude of different coloured feathers on the body for a wide range of uses            £3.65

Golden Pheasant Complete Head – (Crest and Tippet)

An essential for the regular tyer.                                £8.20

Golden Pheasant Dyed Topping Crests

Orange and Red only                                                £4.75

Golden Pheasant Topping and Tippet

The shimmering golden yellow feather is used for topping over wings in salmon flies and for tails.

Pkt 10 Small, Medium and Large

Golden Pheasant Topping                                      £1.65

Golden PheasantTippet                                          £1.65

Golden Pheasant Complete Tails with Spears          £4.55

Golden Pheasant Red spears                                    £1.85 per Pkt

Golden Pheasant Centre Tail Feather                       £3.45 per pair

Silver Pheasant Body Skin

Without tail Quality No 1 Grade                                £31.99

Without tail Quality No 2 Grade                                £24.60

Scarlet Ibis Substitute

Scarlet feathers, excellent for tails in many flies, particularly Butchers.

Five feathers per pkt.                                                £1.10


Packets of feathers of a single colour which may be used for making married mixed wing salmon flies or trout lures. Also available as mixed colour packets.

Colours- White, Black, Yellow, Orange, Red, Purple, Green,

Brown, Grey, Pink, Olive and Blue.                            £2.75

Snipe Wings

This small wing is scarce. It is dark and light grey

used for the small North Country spider series.            £2.95

Starling Skins Complete

Useful for matched pair of wings with a wealth of small feathers and hackles.            £5.45

Teal Duck Complete Skin

With wings and tail                                                £22.75

Teal Wings

Similar to mallard but slightly less coarse, with white tipped green quills.                £1.85

Teal Flank Feathers

Very well marked black and white feathers. Used for winging flies such as Peter Ross, the Teal series, and used in many Salmon flies.

Mixed sizes                                                            £1.85

Turkey Quills – (packed in pairs)

Colours- White, Brown, Green, Red, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Olive and Black.            £2.00

Oak Mottled Turkey Quills

We have been able to secure a limited supply of these rare speckled turkey quills. Matched in pairs, these beautiful feathers are a welcome return.

1st quality                                         £4.55

2nd quality                                        £2.90

Waterhen Wings

Becoming difficult to source                £2.75

Widgeon - Complete Skin               £25.50

Woodcock Wings

This dark brown speckled bird has a wealth of feathers giving rise to the popular series

for which there is no substitute.        £2.55

Woodduck (Summer Duck)

Natural flank feathers, approx 10 per packet

Size-Medium        £1.85


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