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Marryat CDC & Tools


Marryat CDC Packets of 60 selected plumes.

(as previewed in Fly Fishing & Fly Tying  May 2006)


White, Light grey, Dark Grey, Pale Yellow, Khaki Brown, Black, Olive Brown, Olive, Light Olive

Red, Brown, Sulphur Yellow, Light Purple, Dark Purple, Pale Orange, Rose Pink.


3.50 per packet


Marryat CDC plumes


3 gram packets in Red Brown, Khaki Brown and Dark Grey.


7.50 per packet


Marryat CDC Feathers large packs




Marryat Tools

Marryat Fly Tying Tools


Marryat CDC Feather Tool    10.50

Marryat Dubbing Needle    7.50

Marryat Dubbing Twister    7.50

Marryat Half Hitch Finishing Tool    6.00

Marryat Bobbin Threader    7.50

Marryat Hackle Guard    10.50

Straight Fine Point Scissors    10.50

Curved Fine Point Scissors    10.50


Also Marryat Fly Reels

Please ring for prices and availability


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