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Fly-Tite  Non Toxic Flexible Fly tying Cement

Emits no toxic fumes, dries clear and stays flexible.

Packed in large 2oz bottles, and that’s a lot of tying cement !!                     £3.60

Cellire (Super Quality Varnish)

Clear                                                                                                         £1.25

Colours: White, Red, Black and Yellow                                                     £1.40


Thinners                                                        £1.10

Prepared Fly Tyers wax                                £1.00

Quality Black Cobbler Wax                          £1.10

Devcon 5 Minute Clear Proxy

This special adhesive essential for forming epoxy head flies. Ideal for shrimp backs and any situation requiring a transparent and tough coating.

Supplied in a special easy to use tube with plunger.                    £5.45

BT’s Dubbing Wax

The results are fantastic! It is supplied in a lipstick type tube that doesn’t break after a few applications and is very “tacky” or “super tacky”. You only have to stroke the tying thread and show dubbing to it and the job is done. Amazingly it does not stick to your fingers. You have to try it for yourself!

Available in two types: -

Tacky for flies size #12 and smaller, and super tacky for larger flies size #10 and larger.                £5.35

Tria - Marker Pens                            £24.99

High quality, water resistant markers. Each with 3 separate heads to cover all types of use.

Set No 1 – 6 assorted pens in browns and olives, ideal for nymphs and dry flies.

Set No 2 – 6 assorted fluorescent colours, for creating hot spots and embellishments on a vast range of flies.


ProMarker Pens by Letraset

Ten twin-tip marker pens in a range of colours suitable for all types of applications. Colours in the set include, Black, Henna, Ruby, Orange, Canary, Lime Green, Olive Green, Ice Grey, Cyan and Prussian.

£14.99 per set

Veniard Dyes

These dyes are specially prepared for dyeing feathers, furs etc for use by the fly tyer. They are simple and clean to use and are the most widely used dyes in the industry. Supplied in 15g tubes.

Black               Flu.Yellow            Blue                 Flu.Green

Light Blue         Bright Green        Kingfisher         Blue Dark Green

Dark Blue         Insect Green        Iron Blue          Green Highlander

Blue Dun          Green Olive        Grey                 Medium Olive

Scarlet/ Red     Golden Olive        Red Flouro       Dark Olive

Light Claret      Olive Dun            Dark Claret      Brown Olive

Magenta           Dark Brown        Purple              Cinnamon

Orange Fluoro  Fiery Brown        Hot Orange      Ginger

Yellow             Summer Duck        Bright Yellow   Coral



Venpol Detergent

Highly concentrated and specially produced for preparing feathers etc for dyeing.            £2.90

Anglin’ Glue

An excellent waterproof low viscosity glue that is perfect for bonding fly tying materials in place.

An all round superglue with limitless uses including strengthening knots in monofilament and joining fly line to backing.


Veniard Floo Glue

Use when strength and flexibility is an issue, ideal for dry fly wings, before and after tying. Simply spread a thin coat onto the material and allow to dry.


Fulling Mill World Class Fishing Super Glue                £3.95

Rio Fly Line Backing

Dacron braided backing. High strength and low stretch.

Colour: Yellow

100yds 20lb test backing            £6.50

100yds 30lb test backing            £6.50

Rio Braided Connector Loops

Trout Braided Loops

Line 4-6, Pack of 4

Ref: RBRT                                £4.50

Rio Salmon Braided Loops

Line 7-12, Pack of 4

Ref: RBRS                                £4.00

Snowbee Line Slick

Silicone line lubricant, which reduces friction, allowing faster line speed. Incorporates a plasticizer, which helps restore old fly lines.

Helps keep surface lines floating high.        £3.00

Loon UV Knot Sense

Strengthens and smooth's knots. For waterside use. Cures in seconds when exposed to sunlight.


Loon Knot Sense

For home use. Polyurethane coating smoothes and strengthens knots.

Dries in 20 minutes.            £4.50

Loon Snake River mud

Sinks your leader but not your dry fly. Rub along the first few feet of your tippet.

Long lasting Mud keeps the leader out of sight of picky fish!!!            £3.99

Bass Bags

A tough nylon mesh Bass Bag, with strong webbing carrying handles.

Colour: Black   Size: 20in x 18in   Ref No. 194828                        £7.00

Screw in Wader Studs

Super hard, zinc plated steel studs.

Bag contains 40 pcs                Ref: WS                                            £5.00

Snowbee Telescopic Wading Staff

A tough practical wading staff made from anodised Aluminium Telescopes down from 63in to 34in for travelling. Twist and lock mechanism allows it to be locked at any length required. Weighted foot with rubber grip. Rubberised handle with adjustable lanyard and clip.

Ref No. 19388                                                                                £20.00

Snowbee Folding Wading Staff

A sturdy 5 section tubular Aluminium wading staff that automatically extends by means of an elasticated cord. Length 55 inch put packs down to 12 inches and stores in a nylon bag.

Weight 15 ox/420gm                                                                        £29.00

Naphthalene Crystals

Look after your Furs and Feathers.        200gm bags.                        £2.00

Uni – Tray II

Nui Tray has a 36 spool capacity, avoids threads and tinsels coming loose on spools.

Keeps them clean and tidy                                                                £14.95

Stonefly Rotary Fly Dryer and Rod Turner

Very neat, battery operated fly dryer, is a must for all fly tyers, whether drying epoxy buzzers or large saltwater flies.

 It comes complete with a small rod chuck to dry and turn a rod when re-whipping rings etc.            £25.00

 Fullers Earth – “Keeping up with tradition”

Now available again, with full instructions for mixing.

100grms                                                        £2.75

Niche Mini Tippet Rings (2mm)

Very small 2mm, totally smooth and seamless, nickel silver rings. Use for connecting tippets to the main leader. May be used on any leader system and are excellent for tying droppers. We even use them when fishing the dry fly and midge on 7x tippets.


Fly-Rite Dilly Wax Fly Floatant

This really is the last word in Fly Floatants. It is claimed by many to be the best floatant available. A totally clear, thin Gel that will not clog up either feather fibres or dubbing on the fly.



£1.95 Each

9Ft 6X 2lb        9Ft 5X 3lb        9Ft 4X 4lb

9Ft 3X 5lb        9Ft 2X 6lb        9Ft 1X 7lb

12Ft 6X 2lb      12Ft 5X 3lb       12Ft 4X 4lb

12Ft 3X 5lb        12Ft 2X 6lb        12Ft 1X 7lb

12Ft 0X 9lb



We are now in a position to offer the following book titles to our customers, which we feel would be an asset to any anglers fishing library.


Leslie Magee

A complete history of fly fishing in Yorkshire and its neighbouring counties, and a hymn of praise to angling on spate rivers.

220 pages with 5 colour plates and 30 b&w illustrations. Hbk.



Part manual and part history, combining a valuable guide to the art of tying flies with a book extract and selection of early articles by T J Hanna, probably the most famous Irish fly tyer of the twentieth century. A collection of letters by the prolific author and angler G E M Skues is also reproduced in facsimile.

240 pages with 56 colour and 172 b&w illustrations. Hbk.


BROOK AND RIVER TROUTING - Harfield - Edmonds and Norman Lee

This manual of fly dressing and fishing techniques for North Country Rivers, first published in 1916, has become an angling classic.

122 pages with 1 colour and 8 b&w illustrations. Hbk in slipcase.



A facsimile edition of Pritt’s celebrated guide to northern fly dressing methods

80 pages with 11 colour plates. Hbk in slipcase.



FLY TYING BIBLE                                        £16.99

FLY TYING FOR BEGINNERS                    £16.99

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