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Extra fine Polypropylene Dubbing is made from pure polypropylene. Produced from very fine fibres, and therefore easy to apply. Used by many internationally known flytyers, this dubbing is recognised as an Industry standard. Used by Hans Van Klinken in his renowned Klinkhamer Special. Colours:

1 White                        2 Black

3 Dark Olive                4 Bright Yellow

5 Rust                          6 Chocolate Brown

7 Dark Grey                 8 Golden Olive

9 Golden Yellow          10 Blue Wing Olive

11 Orange                    12 Cream

13 Claret                      14 Golden Amber

15 Light Olive               16 Chartreuse

17 Golden Brown         18 Rusty Orange

19 Light Tan                 20 Dark Tan

21 Light Grey               22 Cahill Tan

23 Olive Sulpher           24 Tint Blue Wing Olive

25 Cream Variant         26 Adams Grey

27 Speckled Dun          28 Dark reddish Brown

29 Western Olive         30 March Brown

31 Pale Morning Dun    32 Rusty Olive 

33 Orange Sulpher       34 Brown Drake yellow

35 Inchworm Green      36 Ginger Cream

37 Grey drake              38 Pale Watery Yellow

39 Medium Brown       40 Caddis Pupa Green

41 Pale Olive                42 Dark Olive Brown

43 Camel                     44 Ecru

45 Mottled Caddis

Each packet contains a generous amount in a Mini Grip bag.        £1.65

Fly-Rite Extra Fine Poly Sampler Set

We are now able to offer a sampler set of Fly-Rite Extra Fine Polypropylene Dubbing. This set contains 12 of the most popular colours, including those recommended by Hans van Klinken for his Klinkhamer Special.

All 12 colours are in a dubbing dispenser.                                    £13.95 

The full range of 45 colours are available as a portfolio offering a considerable saving over individual packets.       £39.95

Dubbing Dispenser Boxes (Empty)

Very strong, twelve compartments, each with hole in the bottom.

Perfect for the insertion of a dubbing picker to remove just the right amount of dubbing.

Tight fitting lid that won’t allow the dubbing to drift from, one compartment to another.                    £3.95

Rayon Chenille


Black, White, Orange, Bright Yellow, Golden Yellow, Red, Green,

Olive, Brown, Beige, Crimson, Claret, Pink, Blue and Tan.                                                            £1.00

Cactus Chenille

A wide variety of colours!!                    £1.60 pkt

Krystal Flash – “The Original”

Colours – Silver, Gold, Red, Copper, Dk. Blue, Kingfisher, Green, Purple and Wine.                    £3.20

Krystal Micro Flash

A new fine version of Krystal Flash.

Colours- Silver, Gold, Pearl, Black, Orange, Yellow, Red, Chartreuse, Fiery Brown and Olive        £3.45

Mirror Flash

Very fine thinner material, suitable for a wide range of uses on trout and salmon flies.                            £3.40

Chrystal Mirror Flash

As above but with a fine twist                                                                                                            £3.55

Krinkle Mirror Flash

The Krinkle effect exaggerates the reflective qualities of this vibrant material.

Colours- Pearl, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Red and Peacock Black                                                         £3.55


Has an in-built hologram effect resulting in constant light movement. Can be used for tails and wings on larger flies, especially, reservoir lures and saltwater flies.

Colours- Silver and Gold                                                                                                                    £3.10

TMC Aero Dry Wing

New! Polypropylene hollow fibre, excellent buoyancy, for wings, posts, tails and bodies.

Colours- Fl. Pink, Fl. Yellow and Fl. White                                                                                        £6.45

Siliconised Polypropylene Yarn - NICHE

Simply the best and most buoyant yarn available, used by, Oliver Edwards, and Hans Van Klinken particularly for his superb fly, the Klinkhamer Special, in sizes #14 and smaller.

Colours: White, Black, Brown and Grey.                                                                                            £1.30

Shuck Yarn - NICHE

Fine transparent yarn with a high degree of sparkle and good reflective properties.

Makes superb lifelike shucks on emergers.                                                                                            £1.30

Polypropylene Midge Wing - NICHE

Ultra fine yarn, perfect for forming wings and wing buds on small flies and emergers.

Colours, Grey and white, 2mtr pkt.                                                                                                    £1.65

Closed Cell Foam Sheet

Used to create bodies on Foam Ants, Beetles and detached bodies across a wide range from Mayflies to Hoppers and more.

1.9mm thick flexible foam sheet, available in the following colours:

Black, Brown, Damsel, Blue, Lime Green, Orange, red, Yellow                                                           £1.20

Living Rubber Legs

This is one of the products used by Oliver Edwards, there are 3 diameters available. Standard for use on terrestrials, Daddy’s, Hoppers, Hawthorns, etc, 10 to 14’s. Mini for sizes 14 to 16 and Micro for sizes 16 to 20.

Colours: Standard, available in Black (Graphite) only.

Mini and Micro are available in Black (Graphite), Olive, Tan and Yellow.                                            £1.75

Sili Legs

Small nymph size. Perfect for vibrators.

Plain Colours – Brown, Olive Black and pumpkin.

Barred Colours – Yellow Barred, Orange Barred and Pearl Barred                                                    £2.00 pkt


Superb for Dry Fly tails, tapered and almost indestructible.

Colours: Dark Dun, Brown, Olive, White and Black.                                                                           £2.20

Niche Flexiskin

Used on Heptagenid Nymphs, Stonefly Nymphs, Baetis Nymphs, Shrimp, Caddis backs and Czech Nymphs.

Colours: Clear, Dk. Olive, Lt. Olive, Grey, Dk. Brown, and Heptagenid Yellow.                                £2.60

Virtual Nymph Flexi-Body

Colours – Yellow Olive, Med. Olive, Stonefly Yellow, Clear and Mayfly Cream                                £2.00

Raffia – (artificial)

Colours: White, Yellow, Orange, Scarlet, Brown, Black, Insect Green, Olive Green and Buff.

10gram hanks                                                                                                                                    £2.45

Mylar Piping – For fly bodies with core

Colours: Gold or Silver

Small - £0.90 per packet

Medium - £1.10 per packet

Large - £1.45 per packet

Lazer Holographic Mylar Piping

This exciting new product has a superb holographic scale effect ideal for fly patterns.

Small - £2.30 per packet

Medium - £2.45 per packet


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