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D/E, 1XF, Wide Gape, Forged, Bronze standard dry fly hook. Slightly wider gape and increased wire strength in smaller sizes makes this the most popular all purpose hook for dry fly.

Sizes: 12/14/16/18/20/22/24/26/28                £2.95


D/E, 1XF, Wide Gape, Forged Black. Originally designed for the “quick take” strikes of Japanese native trout, this hook has become one of the standards for tying parachute-style patterns. The point has moved back slightly for more secure hooking. Black finish, odd sizes and down-eye only.

Sizes: 13/15/17/19/21                                    £2.95

TIEMCO TMC900BL (Barbless)

Dry Fly, D/E, 1XF, 1X wide gape, semi- dropped point, forged, black.

An excellent, strong, general purpose dry fly hook. The semi-dropped point on this hook makes for exceptional hooking power – it hooks like hell!!

Sizes: 12/14/16/18/20                                    £2.95

TIEMCO TMC902BL (Barbless)

Dry Fly, D/E, wide gape, 2X fine wire, standard length, black.

A very good hook for delicate flies and fine tippets.

Sizes: 14/16/18/20                                        £3.45

TIEMCO TMC531 Parachute/Thorax

Slightly D/E, 2x Fine, 2x Short, Perfect bend, micro barb. The shank of this model is 2x short and the gape is wider than on the same sized hook of normal shank length. The larger hooking angle is combined with an extremely sharp point to produce a short shank hook that holds fish very well.

Sizes: 12/14/16                                            £3.45

TIEMCO TMC103BL (Barbless)

Dry Fly, D/E, wide gape, extra fine wire, black.

With odd numbered hooks, if you can compare say a #15 with a comparable #14 the shank will generally be similar. However, the gape will be much wider (At least that seems to be the case with these hooks).

Sizes: 13/15/17/19/21                                £3.45


Dry Fly, Emerger, Nymph, straight eye, 3X long, standard wire, forged, bronze, semi-dropped point.

A superb hook for tying “Klinkhamer” style flies. Again the semi-dropped point hooks like hell!!

Sizes: 12/14/16/18/20/22                            £2.95

TIEMCO TMC2487 Shrimp and Caddis Pupae

D/E, 2x wide, 2x short, fine wire, Bronze. A Curved, fine wire hook design that is especially effective for shrimp, caddis pupae and other emerger imitations. This model is 2x short and 2x wide in the gape for more secure hooking on large fish.

Sizes: 12/14/16/18                                        £2.95


Shrimp, Caddis and Emerger, straight eye, 3X wide gape, 2X short curved shank, fine wire, bronze.

This is an excellent emerger and light buzzer hook.

Sizes: 12/14/16/18/20/22/24                        £3.45


Stainless saltwater fly, straight eye, standard length, extra strong, forged, boxed in 12’s.

A first class, all round saltwater fly hook. This hook covers a wide variety of flies and game fish.

Sizes: 2/4/6/8                                                £3.95

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