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Threads Wires, Tinsels, Beads and Lead


Veniard UNI-THREAD                           

6/0 Thread Pre-Waxed

Colours: Black, Red, Pink, Olive, White, Wine, Tan, Primrose, Yellow, Grey, Dark Brown, Orange, Chartreuse, Light Blue, Green, Fire Orange, Rusty Brown, Purple, Olive Dun and Light Olive

200 Yards £1.90 per reel

8/0 Super Midge Pre-Waxed

Colours: Black, Olive, Grey, White, Light Cahill, Orange, Olive Dun, Yellow, Camel, Dark Brown, Tan, Purple, Rusty Brown, Red, Chartreuse, Fire Orange, Wine and Light Olive.

200 Yards £1.90 per spool


A super quality single strand floss. A blend of nylon and rayon, it is strong and shiny.

Colours: Black, Olive, Royal Blue, Wine, Brown, Orange, Red, Gold, Bright Orange, Red, Gold, Bright Yellow, Purple, White and Emerald Green.

15 yd spools £0.80

Pack of 20 assorted colours £13.20

Uni-Coloured Soft Copper Wire

This extra soft easy to work with, wire.

Medium at 0.30mm

Colours: Red, Green, Natural Copper, Orange and Gold.

£1.45 per spool

Uni-French – Oval Tinsel

A top quality Oval Tinsel which is available in 4 sizes in Silver or Gold.

Extra Small: 30 yards (Approx. Size 14)

Small: 20 Yards (Approx. Size 15)

Medium: 7 Yards (Approx. Size 16)

Large: 5 Yards (Approx. Size 18)

£2.45 per spool

Glo-Brite Floss

Guaranteed colourfast – 16 brilliant colours: Neon magenta, Pink, Crimson, Scarlet, Fire orange, Hot orange, Orange, Amber, Chrome yellow, Yellow, Phosphor yellow, Lime Green, Green, Blue, Purple and White.

25 Yards £1.00 per spool

Selection pack (16 x 25yd spools) £12.75

Pearsall’s Pure Silks

Gossamer Tying Silk (Fine)

45 metre reels.

Colours: White, Primrose, Yellow, Amber, Orange, Purple, Black, Grey, Scarlet, Cardinal, dark Claret, Olive, Brown, Green, Hot Orange, Light Olive and Claret.

£1.65 per spool

Marabou Floss Body Silk

8 metre spools.

Colours- White, Yellow, Black, Scarlet, Cardinal, Olive, Brown, Green and Hot Orange.

£1.65 per spool

Kevlar Tying Thread

Ultra strong thread, its prime use is in the spinning and stacking of deer hair. Ideal for large muddlers, bombers and other clipped deer hair patterns. Used by many of the leading fly-tiers in the UK, United States and Canada. 50yd spool.

Colours: Nat, Yellow, Black, Brown, Olive, Green and Red.

£2.10 per spool

UTC Ultra Thread

Extra Strong, lightly waxed nylon thread. A silky smooth thread that lays very flat. Size 70 Denier Ex fine for small flies. Approx 8/0

Colours- Black and Olive


Uni-Pearl Mylar

A very strong Mylar Pearl for most tying applications. This flat pearl tinsel is available in Small, Medium and large

£1.05 per spool

Uni 2 Tone Mylar

Gold/Silver, Copper/Blue

Copper/Blue available in S, M and large only

Sizes Sm. #16, Medium #14, Large #12 and Ex. Large #10

£1.50 per spool

Uni 2 Tone Mylar


Available in Medium #14 and Large #12

£1.20 per spool


Uni – Coloured Soft Copper Wire

These extra soft easy to work wires come in two diameters.

Fine at 0.20mm and Medium at 0.30mm

Colours – Red, Green, Natural Copper, Orange and Gold

£1.45 per spool


Uni – Soft Copper Wire – Neon Coated

Comes in two diameters

Fine at 0.20mm and Medium at 0.30mm

Colours – Silver and Chartreuse

£1.90 per spool


Uni-Micro Tinsel

Lurex type coloured braided tinsel, so fine you can tie with them. Great for Ribs and Tags on small flies.

Silver, Gold, Red and Green

£1.10 per spool

£18.20 (Selection of 20 assorted colours)

Holographic Tinsel

This extremely popular tinsel is now available in a full range of colours and sizes. Tinsel bodies and ribs come alive with this amazing material.

Colours: Silver, Gold, Red, Green, Black, Blue, Fushia and Purple

3 sizes – Small, Medium and Large

£2.00 per spool

Roman Moser Power Silk – 8X

As used and recommended by Oliver Edwards. This is an excellent very fine, super strong thread. This thread will tie down to size 18 with almost zero build up and without breakage – a very useful thread. Colours: Black, Pale Grey, Brown, Olive, Yellow and Orange.

£3.10 per 50 metre spool

Danville’s Spiderweb

This is an ultra-fine 17/0 round single fibre thread that will not fray and is unwaxed. Almost invisible when tying in materials. Spiderweb is perfect for tying small flies. 100 yard spools. White only.

£1.70 per spool

Untarnishable Metallic Yarn – Lurex Tinsel

Silver or gold. Sizes 2, 4, 5 and 11.

£0.75 per spool

Pearl Lurex – Flat Thread

Sizes 2, 5, 11

£0.85 per spool

Lead Wire

Extra fine lead wire (0.37mm)

Medium lead wire (0.60mm)

 Ex Fine - £0.90 per spool

Medium - £0.85 per spool

Copper Wire

Fine Copper Wire (0.125mm)

Very Heavy Copper Wire – plain (0.40mm)

£0.90 per spool

Lead Dumbbell  Eyes

Specially cast Dumbbell shaped lead heads for Lures and large Nymphs.

Size: small or large – 10 per packet.

£1.30 per packet

Epoxy Eyes

Superb self adhesive eyes, hand made in epoxy for a really lifelike effect. Available in three sizes – 3mm, 5mm and 9mm. 20 eyes per packet.

£2.40 per packet

Gold, Silver and Copper Beads

Precision made solid beads, Drilled with a tapered hole. All with non-tarnished finish.

2 x small (2.3mm dia) gold £1.55 per 25(gold only)

1 x small (2.8mm dia) £1.55 per 25

Small (3.3mm dia) £1.65 per 25

Medium (3.8mm dia) £1.85 per 25

Large (4.6mm dia) £2.00 per 25

Bead Dispenser

20 beads each of four sizes in a handy, easy to use dispenser. Available in Gold, Silver and Copper.

£6.65 per dispenser

Multi Faceted Gold Tungsten Beads

3mm  £4.00

4mm £4.55

5mm £4.95

Tungsten Beads

Heavy Tungsten Beads, with perfect shape and heavy gold plate finish. Gold and Black finish

Extra Small (2.8mm) £2.55

Small (3.3mm) £2.90

Medium (3.8mm) £3.30

Large (4.6mm) £4.00

Brass Cone Heads

Gold or silver plated heads for streamers and saltwater flies.

Extra Small £2.00

Small £2.00

Medium £2.20

Large £3.50

Suspender Balls

Specially selected polystyrene balls for Suspender Buzzers. Large packet of mixed sizes.

£0.95 per packet

Lead Foil (Adhesive) NICHE

As thin as the foil from a wine bottle, but self adhesive. Use where bulk needs to be kept to a minimum in slim profile nymphs or for fly tubes or Waddingtons. The application of this material to a plastic tube makes it as heavy as brass at very low cost and without a noticeable decrease in diameter.


Tungsten Sheet

For that extra weight when needed. Easily cut, shaped and wrapped. (not self adhesive) 85mm x 135mm sheet



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