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Easy grip Hackle Pliers

Designed with finger plates for ease of operation.            £2.00

EZEE Hackle Pliers

These were originally intended for pulling fine electrical wires on circuit boards but as hackle pliers they are brilliant.

The hackle is firmly held by a spring loaded loop            £1.75

Rotating Hackle Pliers

Good value for money rotating hackle pliers                    £2.95

Tiemco Spinning Hackle pliers

With this tool, the hackle is always aligned in the right direction and at right angles to the hook shank. There is no need to change hands to undo twists you get when using conventional hackle pliers.

Perfect flies every time!                                                £15.95

Tiemco Ring Hackle Pliers

These small, soft tip hackle pliers have a silicone ring for increased control while wrapping hackles.

Aids in precise tension and positioning of all hackle sizes.        £5.95

C&F Design Ring Hackle Pliers

Elastomer rubber grip.

Plier head has a slight flare at the nose to minimize risk of cutting hackles.        £15.00

C&F Design Rotary Hackle Pliers

Free angle hackle pliers with smooth movements for faster winding without twisting hackles.

Elastomer rubber damper absorbs shocks and retains optimum tension on materials.        £20.00

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No fly tyer can afford to be without this tool, but it must be well constructed and not chafe the thread.

Veniard Ceramic Spigot Bobbin Holder

Top quality bobbin holder with a full-length ceramic tube at an unbelievable price.        £5.85

Tiemco Standard White Ceramic Bobbin Holder

Bobbins with ceramic tubes ensure years of smooth fly tying.

They will last many times longer than conventional steel bobbins.                        £13.95

Tiemco Heavy Duty Black (Curved) Ceramic Bobbin Holder                              £13.95

C&F Design Standard Bobbin Holder

Optimum bobbin weight (17g) helps keep tension on material during tying. Teflon coated bobbin arms.

Clever Micro Slit Foam design in bobbin nose to retain constant thread tension.

Complete with bobbin threader.                                                                        £20.00

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Veniard Straight Blade Scissors No 1

Economy with quality.                                            £3.55

Veniard Curved Blade Scissors No 2

Economy with quality.                                            £3.55

Stonefly Fly Tying Scissors

The blades are made from the finest quality Sheffield stainless steel with micro serrated blades.

Made with large finger loop and ‘soft’ touch rubber inserts for added comfort.                £10.35

Veniard Gold Loop Surgical Quality Scissors

Superb tools designed for fly tyers and manufactured by the makers of top quality surgical instruments. The scissors have extra large finger loops for added comfort, which are gold plated so they look good too! The scissors have a serrated blade for a more positive cut and to stop material slipping along the blade.

3.5” Arrow Point Scissors                    £7.75

4” Universal Scissors                            £8.20

4”Microtip Universal Scissors                £12.65

4” Razor Scissors

4” Fine point Scissors with serrated “razor sharp” blades with screw adjustment for critical tensioning.

Highly recommended !!!!!!                    £22.75

C & F Design  Tying Scissors

Curved stainless steel blades, length 90 mm, with comfortable finger holes            £30.00

Veniard Fine Point Scissors

A very popular tool. Top quality stainless steel Japanese manufactured.

One blade is serrated to avoid slipping. Excellent value for money.                        £9.50

Veniard Tough Point Scissors

Tough point scissors are a slightly larger and heavier version of the extremely popular fine point scissors. Japanese manufacture.

One blade is serrated to avoid slipping. Excellent value for money.                        £9.00

Tiemco Deer Dresser Scissors

Sharp, precision made, well balanced and comfortable in your hand. Large plastic handles.

The ultimate fly dressers scissors that stay sharp longer. Black finish.                    £14.95

Anvil Ultimate Straight Scissors

A workhorse tool with longer, stronger blades and precision points. 4” long            £18.00

Anvil Midge Scissors

Short Scissor (8.2cm (3.25”)) which gives a very high degree of precise control.    £18.00

Solingen I-T-4 Scissors

Every once in a while we come across something extraordinary. These scissors well and truly fall into this category. Perfectly balanced, the action is as smooth as silk, they are constructed of the finest stainless steel with a glare free satin finish and are “Ice Tempered” with micro serrations on one blade. These Scissors are superb in every way.

However, this level of quality can only be achieved at a price!                                £57.75 per pair

Swann Morten Scalpel Handle No. 3                £5.75

Swann Morten 10A Blades                              £1.50

Tungsten Carbide Midge Scissors

Very Fine Arrowpoint midge scissors, 3.5” long with large soft touch ring handle.

Superb value and highly recommended              £15.00

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Veniard Bobbin Threader                                £1.65

Veniard Dubbing Needle and Hitch Tool            £1.65

Veniard Rotary Whip Finishing Tool

Large £3.00

Small £2.75

C & F Design 2 in 1 Whip Finisher

Polished stainless steel arms, Knurled non-slip grip and smooth rotary mechanism.

Magnet on end is useful for picking up hooks.        £18.00

Veniard Hair Stacker                                            £2.20

Tiemco Hair Stacker                                            £13.95

The unique design of these hair stackers makes the formation of perfect tails and wings an easy task.

Whether using calf, deer or elk hair, the tapered tube allows the material to be removed quickly and easily.

C & F Design 2 in 1 Hair Stacker

Double tube design, adjusts to the amount of hair, and is also supplied with hair comb                £20.00

Veniard Dubbing Twister                £4.85

Darrel Martin Dubbing Twirl

Quality, made to last!!                    £7.00

C & F Design Rotary Twister Plus

Quality dubbing twister with large size ball bearing to create dubbing loops neatly and quickly. Thumbwheel spinner.

Highly Recommended !!!!              £25.00

Veniard Gallows Tool                    £4.85

Veniard Waste Bag

This is a very handy supplementary bit of kit. Attaches to your vice stem.            £9.00

Fly Tyers “Hot”Point

Now available, the new Flytyers Hotpoint Kit, complete with carry case, and 3 spare Hotpoint tips. This Hotpoint uses a single battery and heats to the correct temperature for use in flytying – no need to use one live and one dead battery to control the temperature.

Kit Price                                   £32.50

C&F Design Dubbing Brush

Angled needle for delicate work. Half hitch tool on other end. Stainless dubbing brush.        £15.00

C&F Design

Extended Body Tool Kit            £25.00

C&F Design

Evolution Tying Tweezers        £25.00

C&F Design

Tool Stand                                £60.00

C&F Design

Fish Eye                                   £20.00        

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Tool Set No 1

Contains, Loop clamp, Dubbing Needle, MP Pliers, Whip Finish tool, MP Twister and Small Scissors


The Magic Tool set

Comes with 3 table clips, 2 regular clips and 3 wooden dowels. Can be used for winding and trimming synthetic materials, fur feather and dubbing.


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Daylight Fly Tyers Lamp

Designed specifically for fly tyers. It has a 40 cm strong, flexible arm to position where needed. The lamp fixes to any vice with a standard diameter stem. Satin Chrome finish.


Fly Tyers Magnifier

A 9cm diameter 2.25X lens with a 2cm diameter inset 4x lens. It has a 40cm flexible gooseneck arm, enabling exact positioning, with ease. The magnifier can be fitted onto a standard vice stem or directly onto a base with a table clamp.


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